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Seven young Under19s (some under-15) from Sanford Link (Swindon TTL) andKennet Vale (Devizes TTL) met up in the scenic village of Lockeridge to play in adynamic ‘round robin’ competition, kindly hosted by Richard Ramsden at K.V.Hall.The table tennis on display was very competitive, played in good spirit and featuredsome marvellous attacking play, tricky spins and breathtaking rallies. Most matcheswere only decided in the 4 th or 5 th set, so all credit to the resilience of those whofinished outside the top 4.The eventual winner, Sam Tupman remained undefeated despite fierce 5-setcompetition from brother, Jack who finished 4 th . Sandwiched in between the SanfordLink siblings were Charles Lazarev (2 nd ) and Arthur Ramsden (3 rd ), both of KennetVale.Significantly, most of the players in yesterday’s competition also enjoyed competingin the Wiltshire County Closed Table Tennis tournament held last Sunday inWestbury, an event where several distinguished themselves, with Winner andRunner-up awards.Another similarity between the 2 sets of enthusiastic and talented youngsters: theSanford Link youngsters and some of those from Kennet Vale both won Division 2 intheir respective leagues ie Swindon TTL and Devizes TTL. Naturally, they’re allreally keen to further improve their skills and raise a few eyebrows amongst Division1 players next season! To that end, I don’t doubt that practice will continue acrossthe Summer.It is hoped and anticipated that a similar event can be organised in the comingmonths, either in Swindon or again in Lockeridge.Trevor Bannister

March, 2024


75th Wiltshire Veterans Ranking Tournament

January 14, 2024

Exciting updates from the 75th Wiltshire Veterans Ranking Tournament!

In Group 2, Trevor secured 4th place, and Dave Allen took the 5th spot.

In Group 3, Jose Pereira played some good games securing the 2nd position with an equal number of wins as the group winner, ultimately determined by points.

In the consolidation, Trevor started strong with a win but faced a tough loss in the quarterfinals. Jose and Dave entered the consolidation, where Jose fell to Bev in the quarter-finals and Dave to Stuart Russell in the semi-finals.

The highlight of the day was Jose's triumphant victory against Stuart Russell, the consolidation winner, and Trevor's impressive win against higher-ranked player Ricardo P.

A day filled with memorable moments for our club's talented players!

Veteran's Mixed Ratings Tournment Bristol

In a tennis thriller, Jose Pereira dominated the court with an impressive seven consecutive victories. The final showdown was a heart-stopper, as Pereira battled fiercely against Ade. Though Ade clinched the ultimate win, Pereira's stellar performance secured him the runner-up title, boasting valuable ranking points and a handsome cash prize.

December 10, 2023


Last night's games at Sanford Link were a smashing success!

December 6, 2023

It was an outstandingly successful evening last night for 3 Sanford Link teams at Lawn Manor. 

Our 'A', 'C' and 'D' teams all won -v- Nationwide 'A' (6-4); a competitive Ferndale 'C' (9-1) and an improving White Horse 'B' (10-0) respectively. 

On his debut for the club, attack-minded Mike Mills won 2 games for our 'C' team, but the highlight was Andy Hurley and Jack Karpinski's dramatic recovery from 4-9 down to win the deciding set in the doubles... and the match itself -v- formidable Nationwide 'A'. 

Once again, our championship winning 'A' team has a healthy lead at the top of Division 1.  In Division 2, our 'D' team is also perched at the top.  There's every prospect of both teams maintaining that position going into the New Year. 

Though they weren't playing last night, Sanford Link 'B' is encouragingly sitting midtable in the top division, where Dave Allen, in particular, has had some eye-catching wins. 

Also, it's rewarding to see players in our newly formed 'E' team progressing (Peter Hreva, in particular) and picking up points in Division 2. 

Lastly, it was rewarding to see the sports hall humming with good level competitive play across all 4 tables.

Winning was a welcome bonus.

by Trevor Bannister

November 13, 2023

John Ford Memorial Inter Leagues Tournament

Stanford Link Table Tennis Club representing the Swindon League managed to take the 3rd Position improving last year result

Swindon Team:

Ian Neate

José Pereira

Jack Tupman

Sam Tupman



July 4, 2023

For the fist time ever the club finish as a champion in all divisions

1st Division Champions

2nd Division Champions

3rd Division Champions


April 30, 2023

The club's name has once again been etched onto the prestigious Cup trophy.

andy mem.jpg

Kathleen Waters Memorial Trophy

June 29, 2023

At the recent County AGM Andy Hurley was presented with this prestigious award for his services to Table Tennis in Wiltshire. Currently Secretary of the Sanford Club, Andy was for many years Chairman of the Swindon League.

He is pictured receiving the award from County Chairman Noel Sewell.

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