Picture above from Left to right is Sam Tupman and Jack Tupman receiving long over due awards for and their achievements at Swindon Academy League and Swindon Development league achieving joint top spot.

Also Sam and Jack awarded the silver in the National Cadet League in their first year.Both players have good potential Well done to Sam and Jack,

Pictures above from left to right Deren Oktar and Sam Oktar receiving their long overdue award for the achievement at Swindon Academy. Deren and Sam showing their determination during the Friday night league, and play for Sanford in the Swindon Table Tennis league. Also They both have represented Sanford in Wiltshire Junior League and winning Div2 too. Both players coming from Lawn Manor Academy during TT sessions.there. Deren Sam have been coming to Swindon Academy for 3 years. Well done to Deren and Sam

Picture above is Liam Kanyepi receiving his award for his determination during playing in the Swindon Academy league on Friday night's and playing in the Swindon development league. Liam represented Sanford Juniors in the Wiltshire Junior League and won Div 2. Liam only lost few times and played in team that won the Division 2 Wiltshire league.

Liam has unusual style and causes many problems for his opponents playing close to the table and taking ball on a half volley. Liam has a good future, well done!! Liam

Picture above is Charlie Butler receiving his long overdue award for playing in the Swindon Academy league. Charlie represented Sanford Juniors in Div 1 of Wiltshire Junior League. Charlie played in the development League and his team won the league. He IS has now playing in Swindon league.

Charlie is showing great potential and is always looking to improve game..

Finally Charlie progress from his school days at Swindon Academy and attended TT sessions at Swindon Academy, and now is playing at a higher level .Charlie was awarded "Player of Year in 2019 "

Well done!! Charlie.