Sanford Cadets/Juniors attended the Wiltshire Rankings event on Sunday Daunstey's which was a first time for Sanford players. Sanford had the most players in representation.

All players rose to the occasion and surprised some of best players. All players pick games and there was many games went close. Liam, Avinash, Etka all coming close in their games.

Sienna continues to improved and nearly defeat one of her fellow players.Finlay winning 50% of his games and played very well with his new rubbers.

All in all it was very a successful day for Sanford Cadets and Juniors, but missing players like Charlie, Jack, Sam,Deren,Sam and Hayate, which would further strengthen Sanford entries.

Well done to all of the players and also big thank you to Andrew Hodges for running the day. Finally big thank to the caterers for laying on light refreshments.

Some photos and videos of day.