Hi all we are into our fifth week on Friday 19th of October in the NEW Swindon Academy league, and it is getting a good turnout, so far, 68 players have participated over the FOUR weeks and we anticipate this to grow further.

Most improved players are Charlie Butler, Jo Dart, Shamon Ishida and Hayate Igami and the player I anticipate to do well is Den Oktar but his brother Sami is right behind him too.

Players who wish to play in a friendly League come along this Friday. All matches finish at 9.30 pm.Please remember to register by Thursday at the latest to play in the league on the Friday.

Further information Swindon Academy League for Group winners and averages go to our Website. www.sanfordttc.co.uk

Latest News!! the Robot will be at the Academy this Friday coming so if you fancy having a go come along.

See all on Friday