Handicap Winner

Will Avery

Handicap Runner Up

Shamon Ishida

Consolations Winner

Sam Pinches

Consolations Runner Up

Krys Szczygiel

32 players registered to play in this years 2018 Swindon Academy Handicap Tournament but 8 players were unable to compete due to family commitments.

Entrants were drawn into 3 Groups

Group A

W Avery G Smith, N Mulumba D Benson H Igami CBell and G Avery K Szczgiel

Final - Will Avery v/s Hayate Igami 11/7 11/7 11/8)

Group B

D Stimson S Pinches J Maxwell K Akiyama E Bell M Yu E Pinches J Rose

Final - Doug Stimson v/s Emma Bell 11/8 11/8 11/7

Group C

S Ishida J Dart C Butler S Oktar L Yu D Oxtar NJoshi

Final Shamon Ishida v/s D Oktar 11/5 11/8 11/4

The winners of each Group moved on to a Round Robin Final

The Final was disputed in a 3 way Round Robin between Will Avery, Doug Stimson on and Shamon Ishida.

Game 1 Shamon beat Doug 11/8 11/9 11/8) in a closed fought game.

The next match up was Will Avery against Shamon Ishida Will coming through as the winner 11/6 11/7 11/9

The final match would decide the winner, it was Will v/s Doug which demonstrated some pulsating table tennis. Will up his game and came out on top winning 12/10 11/9 11/7

In the Consolations final Sam Pinches played Krys Szczgiel and Sam winning the event.

Congratulations to all.