Swindon Academy Handicap and Consolations took place on Friday the 8th of December.

Group A saw all family affair Edward beating Sam booking his place in the Semi-final.

Group B Doug S beat John M to compete against Edward in the Semi-final.

Group C saw Nitya J beat Dominic P proceeding to the semi-final.

Group D Saw experience Div 1 Ethan G beat Gary S for a place in the other Semi-final against Nitya.

First Group Semi-final Saw a entertaining match between Doug S and Edward P battling it out, Doug the more experienced player coming out on top proceeding to the Grand final.

Second Group Semi-final was between Ethan and Nitya which had everything, Nitya attacking right on at off hitting mainly forehands and blocking Ethan attack there were nets, edges it was a credit to the game Nitya coming out on top for a place in the Grand final.

In the consolation event we saw some usual events Trudy, Helen and Noemi who play in the development League progressing to the Quarter finals.

George N will play Micheal Y in the final.

Due to time both finals will now be played on Friday 15th of December at Swindon Academy.

Come along to the finals and experience some more good Table Tennis and more drama.

Well done everybody and thank you all for participating