National Cadet League

Following on from a strong representation in the 2017/18 National Cadet League and taking the Silver award last year and the  introduction of 2 new players we believe the team can achieve good performance for 2018/19. 

Number of  players have moved on in age group and the lost of our top player who may return in the future. We have everything to go for this year, especially our later arrival of Hayate in Day 4 last year. We have a strong squad representing Sanford Cadets.  

Young Trainer


Young Trainer
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OCT 24, 2017

The dates have been set for National Cadet league being held at Deer's Park School Cirencester Gloucestershire. 

Day 1 Sunday 4th November

Day 2 Sunday 2nd December

Day 3 Sunday 4th March 

Day 4 Sunday 25th March

Teams to follow:

Day 1 - 5 November 2017

Cadets started their campaign off in great style, only losing one of their five matches played throughout the day. Marcus making appearance  and only losing 2 games throughout the day. Sam played very well being pushed all the way but stood firm and Edward showing some tremendous Forehand hits. It was a good day for Cadets  and with the possibility of further strengthening the team for Day 2. 


Team Stats & League Standings Below for Day1

Sam and Edward got their game together and show what they can do. Marcus did very well lot was mainly due using a better bat, maybe he will update his current one. 

This was strong performance, with the assistance from Thomas Jeffcott and myself well done from everybody and the parents too.

Day 3 will be interesting when a new division 2 is formed. All points start back at zero for these 2 divisions for the final 2 rounds.

Day 2 - 3 December 2017

Sanford Link Cadets started day 2 with a draw  against Cheltenham losing to Evesham 5-1 and beating Stroud 4-2 ; Banbury A 5-1 and finishing off with a 4-2 win against Nailsworth B


Nitya made her debut winning all of her matchs apart of one losing 2 nets and edges in the final game.

Match 1

Cheltenham B 3 Sanford Link 3
Banbury A 6 Nailsworth Phoenix B 0
Evesham A 6 Stroud B 0

Match 2
Banbury A 4 Cheltenham B 2
Nailsworth Phoenix B 1 Stroud B 5
Evesham A 5 Sanford Link 1

Match 3
Nailsworth Phoenix B 5 Cheltenham B 1
Evesham A 6 Banbury A 0
Stroud B 2 Sanford Link 4

Match 4
Cheltenham B 0 Stroud B 6
Sanford Link 5 Banbury A 1
Nailsworth Phoenix B 0 Evesham A 6

Match 5
Cheltenham B 0 Evesham A 6
Stroud B 5 Banbury A 1
Sanford Link 4 Nailsworth Phoenix B

Day 3 will see the following teams move into Division 2 for the last 2 rounds: Evesham A, Stroud B and Sanford Link
The remaining teams will move into Division 3 for the last 2 weeks: Banbury A, Nailsworth Phoenix B and Cheltenham B

Day 3 - 25th of March 

Sanford Link Cadets started day 3  with a convincing 6-0 win against Marlin, continued the unbeaten run drawing against BJJC and Stroud who they beat in Day 2, defeated Cirencester 4-2.They came up against the favourites Evesham and lost 6-0.


Although the games were not played in ranking order, this could of changed a number of games, but Evesham were the stronger overall.  The team fought all the way, and there were some good table tennis, and some unlucky results for Ed.

This puts Sanford in a second place and looking forward to the final Day on 8th of April.

Division 2 Results

Stroud B 0 Evesham A 6

Sanford Link 6 Marling B 0

BJTTC 3 Cirencester 3

Sanford Link 3 BJTTC 3

Marling B 0 Evesham A 6

Stroud B 3 Cirencester 3

Marling B 1 BJTTC 5

Stroud B 3 Sanford Link 3

Evesham A 6 Cirencester 0

BJTTC 0 Evesham A 6

Cirencester 2 Sanford Link 4

Marling B 1 Stroud B 5

Cirencester 5 Marling B 1

Evesham A 6 Sanford Link 0

BJTTC 2 Stroud B 4

Day 4 - 8th April 2017

Sanford Link Cadets held favourites Evesham to a draw, and pick up runners up spot on the final Day in the National Cadets League, held at Deer's Park school Cirencester.


This was tremendous effort and the star of the show was Hayate Igamai our upcoming Japanese star winning all of his matches on first appearance. 

Division 2 Results

Round 2

Marling B 1 Evesham A 5

Sanford Link 5 BJTTC 1

Round 3

Evesham 4 Cirencester 2

Marling B 1 BJTTC 5

Round 1

Sanford Link 4 Marling B 2

BJTTC 5 Cirencester 2

Round 4

Cirencester 2 Sanford Link 4

BJTTC 4 Evesham A 2

Round 5 

Evesham A 3 Sanford Link 3 

Marling B 1 BJTTC 5