Butterfly Skills Awards

The Butterfly Skill programme was introduced by the governing body” Table Tennis England” and run
by many schools clubs up down the country for Boys and Girls who wish to develop table tennis skills
under the guidance of Qualified Coaches to achieve their skills.


The opportunity to achieve different levels from Bronze, Silver and Gold at 3 Levels Starter, Improver and Advance. On completion of each level a certificate will be awarded on recognition on their achievements.


You can continue on there to become a coach or compete in your local or national league.
The programme supports teachers/ coaches/

Friday - Swindon Academy 6.30pm - 7:30pm

Starter Award Programme

  • How to hold Bat in different grips.

  • How to balance ball on FH/BH.

  • Ready position

  • How to balance the ball on FH/B/H side stepping

  • Floor TT on both FH/B/H Feeder the ball to partner rallying over the net.


Grip. Balancing and bouncing the ball on the bat. Throw-hit catch in pairs. Ready position


Balancing and bouncing the ball on the bat with movement. Basic sidestepping movement


Hitting the ball with FH BH to targets on the floor.

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Improver Award Programme

  • How to serve. F/H B/H drives diagonaland also B/H F/H down the line.

  • Rallies on F/H B/H diagonal and down the line andF/H B/H combo.

  • BH/F/H push serve F/H B/H switcher down the line and diagonal.

Bronze Award

Service throw. Basic forehand and backhand drive strokes Combine BH and FH

Silver Award

FH and BH drive rallies to different targets. BASIC FH/BH combination rally with movement

Gold Award

FH and BH strokes. Basic service and return. FH and BH to two targets.

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Advanced Award Programme

  • Block on F/H B/H

  • Topspin against chop

  • Beat backspin with top spin

  • The smash

  • Footwork.Wide F/H/B/H

  • Pivoting play

  • from the side.Triple push. B/H

  • Middle and F/H from the side

  • Spin serve

  • 3rd / 4th/ 5th attack service return  sidespin

  • Speedy attacker

  • Fast topspin on F/H B/H

Bronze Award

Advanced strokes Heavy Topspin and more

Silver Award

Advance footwork patterns and stroke combinations

Gold Award

Advanced services, return and match play tactics

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Club Coaches

Andy Hurley

Andy Hurley has been a truly valued member of the Sanford Table Tennis Club family since 2010. Andy works closely with our team members to make sure they’re performing to the best of their ability.


Lee Bowen

The Sanford Table Tennis Club team wouldn’t be where it is today if it weren’t for Lee Bowen who oversees our strategy and advises on the best course of action. We really couldn’t have wished for a better head of development.


Jack Karpinski

We congratulate Jack Karpinski on his recent achievement of level 2 coach, since joining the club as a and player he now can deliver his learnings to support the future of the club